Poster Design

This course introduces students to the history of Poster Design, its applications and various techniques.

  • Role Structured, Conducted and Coordinated the course.
  • For 4th Semester Students
  • Date Spring 2014
  • Teaching Assistants Salma Abouaisha, Mariam Nezar and Hanzada Elbedewy

Beyond Visuals by Nour Emam.

Wajdah Film by Safeya Ashraf.

African Masks Exhibition by Amal Younes.

Illuminati by Sevine Rizkallah.

Tap Dancing by Khadija Sharawy.

Ballet by Nourhan Elkhouly.

Mohamed Ali Pasha by Mahmoud Salem.

Oedipus Rex by Yosra Gamal.

Bedouin by May Hassan.

Gypsy by Carol Khoury.

African Fashion Show by Yasmine Hisham.

Folk Music Festival by Nada Mohamed.

City of The Dead by Lamis Alsayed.

Requiem for a Dream by Abdelrahman Dnewar.