Chanoyu Arabia

A cultural platform for people of various cultural backgrounds to experience the formal tradition of the Japanese Way of Tea.

  • Role Founder, Teacher, Practioner, Researcher and Designer.
  • For People with cultural interest, and Designers.
  • Date 2010-Present
  • Type Cultural & Design Hub
  • URL

Introducing tea to all age groups, in formal and casual settings.

Tea Gathering at the Dead Sea, part of the Tea activities that were held during the Warsaw Tea group “Sunshinkai”'s visit to Jordan in 2011.

Practical and Design Tea activity at the German University in Cairo. 2012-2015

Collaboration with Warsaw’s tea group for a workshop for craftsmen of Tunis village in Fayoum, Egypt, in 2013.

Tea with “Children Without Borders” organisation, for students with limited access to advanced educational facilities.

Jubilee School Cultural Day.

TEDxDeadSea Event.

TEDxDeadSea Tea Room activity.

Lecture about Teaism and Japanese Crafts at the Jordan Museum in Amman.

Filming with a local TV channel “Roya TV” about Chanoyu Arabia.

Presenting Tea as a source of inspiration for “Sitat Byout”, a group of women that work from their homes, by creating and selling various handmade products.