Package Design

A course that teaches students all aspects of Package Design, within a cultural frame, in collaboration with Production Techniques course from the Product Design department.

  • Role Designed and conducted the course to teach package design within a cultural context.
  • For 6th Semester Graphic Design Students
  • Date Spring 2015
  • Type Visual, Practical and Technical Research, Form & Material, Biomimicry, and Package Design.
  • Teaching Assistant Salma Abouaisha

Palestine Products: Olive Oil, Akkawi Cheese and Orange Marmalade.
Research & Design: Safeya Ashraf, Yosra Gamal, Sabah Khaled and Gilan Abdalla.

Oman Products: Coffee & Spices, Arabic Gum, Dates Vinegar, and Traditional Sweets.
Research & Design: Lamis Alsayed, Habiba Soleiman and Yara Elsawaf.

Djibouti Products: Lahouh (pancake-like bread), Salt, and Camel Meat.
Research & Design: May Hassan, Shahdan Sherif and Hana Shaabini.

Mauritania Products: Camel Cheese and Camel Milk.
Research & Design: Khadija Sharawy and Nour Gohar.

Somali Products Trials by Adham Aboudoma.

Palestine Products Trials

Sudan & South Sudan Products Presentation.
Research & Design: Monica Yassa, Miral Hazem, Maram Hossam and Mirna Andrawes.

Sudanese Bread by Miral Hazem.

Nabulsi Soap

Cardboard Factory Visit

Origami for Designers Presentation in collaboration with Japan Foundation.

Origami for Designers Workshop in collaboration with Japan Foundation.

Final Presentations Video