Students Graduation Projects

Various Projects

  • Role Supervising and Co-supervising
  • For BA Students
  • Date 2013-2015
  • Type Printed Book, Card Game, Animated Film, Packaging and Kynetic Typography with Animation

Topic: Visualising Personal Interpretations of Poet Mohamed Afifi’s works.
Research & Design: Shorouk Kandil.
Co-supervised with Ghalia Elsarakby.
Concept: Experience Design of Poetry works' visual interpretations, with a guide tool to help understand the meanings of the works.
Date: Spring 2015

Topic: Logical Fallacies, in reflection of the Egyptian Society.
Research & Design: Sarah Ragab.
Concept: Develop a card game to teach how to detect the logical fallacies, by pairing each fallacy with its character.
Outcome: Custom Arabic font, card game, guide book, website, mobile app and animated GIFs.
Date: Spring 2015

Video URL:
Topic: A Visual Experience of Alzheimer’s.
Research & Design: Norhan Kamal.
Concept: A short film depicting the experience of living with Alzheimer’s disease beyond the well-known label of memory loss. In a minimalistic way, this short film expresses the deterioration of identity, perception, and awareness of reality in ways that let the viewer feel what it is really like to have Alzheimer’s.

Co-supervised with Marouan Omara.

Outcome: An animated film with approximately 4000 frames drawn by hand.
Date: Spring 2014

Topic: Egyptian Cultural Identity Through Fruits Packaging.
Research & Design: Sarah Ihab.
Co-supervised with Regina Rammelt & Gina Nagi (production techniques).
Concept: Visualizing the essence of the main agricultural regions in Egypt, using natural and local material.
Date: Winter 2015

Topic: ‘The Dice Player’ is an Animated Poetry film that visualizes a poem written by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. It was recited in the live event ‘In the Shade of Words’ 2008, along with harmonies by the band Le Trio Joubran.

Co-supervised with Mikala Hyldig

Date: Spring 2013
WINNER of ZEBRA FILM PRIZE for Best Poetry Film.
WINNER 2nd place Masr.Bokra Film Festival.