Students Graduation Projects 2016

A sample of my students' bachelor projects.

  • Role Supervision
  • For BA Students
  • Date 2016
  • Type Bachelor Projects

“The Flat World” by Yosra Gamal.
A thought-provoking project that questions the credibility of maps, the methods of drawing them, and the people behind them.

“The Western Desert: A Living Sculpture” by Safeya Fawzy.
A study of the geological history and nature of the Egyptian Western Desert, exhibited in the form of a paper sculpture with handmade books installation.

“Units of Measurement” by Sabah Khaled. A philosophical observation of the perception of Time and Space, exhibited through a time machine that rolls the long history of map projections.

“Family Quality Time” by Mariam Ramadan. An interactive family game that ensures a certain kind of interaction that needs to be made between kids between ages 5 to 7 with their parents, which will create a strong lasting friendship bond among them.
This project was co-supervised with Gina Nagi.