Retail Design

A course that teaches students in a holistic way, how to research and develop a product or a service that is based on a traditional local practice, and make it relevant to modern times, by developing it, branding it, packaging it, and designing its retail space in the form of a 3 cubic meter pop-up shop.

  • Role Course Development & Supervision
  • For Design Students of the American University in Cairo
  • Date Fall 2016
  • Type Product/Service Development, Branding, Packaging & Retail Design

Retail Course Overview Video by Omar Elshimy

Qaheret Al-Mosammem: End of Semester Exhibition. Name, visual identity and curation by Allaa Emad, Amgad Salem and Rawan Shaheen.

Karucca: a traditional green transportation service similar to Uber and Careem by Farida Khaled, Maha Hesham and Salma Saad.

Rayya: a revisit on the traditional clay drinking vessel “Olla” by Alya Mosharrafa, Lama Abd El Wahab and Sama Abbas.

Zeinha: a set of modernised accessories based on Bedouin traditional designs by Hania Hindy, Malak Eissa and Nihal Asran.

Nagham: a music school that teaches traditional Arabic music by Fareeda Maged, Moshira Sameh and Nourhan Hassan.

Sabouna: introducing old natural soap with new ingredients by Dana Mahgoub, Leen Tubeileh and Mayar Youssef.

Henna: a new product to make Henna more accessible to younger people by Farah Emara, Malak Shouman and Nour Tawfik.

Teryaq: traditional therapeutic practices that uses sand, water and air cups by Malak Mehrez, Marwa Gadallah and Rania Morshedy.

Qaheret Al-Mosammem: Retail Design Class of Fall 2016.